How Ryan Biddulph Blogs From Paradise

 This interview was originally published on Savouring Simplicity, but since it’s so fantastic and in depth I thought I should publish it here as well! Ryan is an incredible inspiration to anyone looking to travel and live a life they love. He inspires others to island hop and blog professionally too. 
Ryan Biddulph is the writer and blog coach behind Blogging From ParadiseHe and his wife work on their laptops while ‘island hopping’ around the world. He’s been endorsed by NY Times bestselling author Chris Brogan, as well as many other well-known figures in the internet and consulting world.
I’ve personally read most of Ryan’s books ( which are MUST HAVES) and am currently reading his latest on how he published 10 ebooks in 4 months ( learn more about it here).
Ryan is known for several things. Firstly, he lives ( and blogs from) paradise. His goal is freedom over material possessions. Second, the guy is successful, and he gains much of his success to blog commenting, being prolific, and networking.

Blogging From Paradise has obviously influenced a lot of people to learn not only how to have more success with their blogs but also to live a life that they’ve designed. What prompted you to start your blog in the first place?
Ryan:  My hosting service shut down my old blog. Really, this incident caused me to completely rethink my direction. I’d have to spend 3 weeks removing over 1,000 posts manually to go live again or I needed to trash the blog. I trashed all 3400 posts and didn’t look back. I was so hungry to make a change and fed up with my old blog but needed a catalyst. The Universe kicked my butt. Thanks Universe :) Seriously though, for months, I’d wanted to start a blog that shared my life story but I didn’t allow that idea to arise until I had to trash my old blog. I should send royalty checks to my hosting company.
 You’ve mentioned you have had other blogs in the past. What do you think made Blogging From Paradise more successful than the others?
Ryan: I was clear on why I wanted to blog, when I created Blogging from Paradise. I created it to free myself and to free my audience. Heck yeah, I enjoy making money through this joint freeing, yet, with a purer intent I could devote most of my energies to creating, not getting. Like, my old blogs were OK, but largely a study in how to create something, to get something. My energy was too divided to create something worthy. You can’t give away something of note with your hand continually in the cookie jar. I chose to blog, to free me and you, and with that intent, I did a fair job of freeing myself from 100% selfish outcomes, the drivers which ruin most blogs.
What is the top struggle you hear bloggers telling you they face, and what is your response when they tell you about it? 
Ryan: The top struggle I see is bloggers blogging, to make money. Like, they believe that devoting their energies to inanimate objects will make them money. It’s ludicrous. I respond with: “Well, Ryan, does money send you money? Have you ever received a royalty check from a $100 bill? PEOPLE send you money, so you darn well better focus most of your energies on creating something helpful and inspired, for PEOPLE, to inspire them to pay you for your products or services.” Then I may advise them, to blog, to free themselves, and to also free their audiences.
 You’ve written a lot about the power of strategic blog commenting. Can you elaborate for a second on just how powerful this topic is for growing a successful blog?
Ryan: Not sure when this interview is going live, but I’ll likely have spoken to a class at NYU about blogging and about my Blogging from Paradise eBooks, by then. I have been endorsed twice by a NY Times Best Selling Author. I have lived in Bali, Fiji and Thailand over the past 11 months, and I’m living in an apartment on the East River, in a beautiful neighborhood, in New York City now. I have traveled the world for 44 months straight. Blog commenting was my chief marketing strategy. I could never, in 40 million years, strike up a friendship with a NY Times Best Selling Author, nor could I land a speaking gig at NYU, going traditional offline marketing/pitching channels. Nope; I figure, a former fired security guard should take the easy, or at least, simple route. Stop trying to sprint past gatekeepers, go to the comments field, create a mini guest post, and impress the pants off of some really smart, powerful people, and they may just extend you opportunities you never dreamed you’d receive.
One of my favorite posts on BFP is when you call out bloggers on relying on sponsored posts versus writing ebooks and offering services on their blog. Why do you think many bloggers are avoiding selling on their sites?
 Ryan:Elizabeth, I think it’s the sheeple effect. I’ll be honest; the recent sponsored post opportunities finally flowed to me, for BFP, after 5 years of blogging. So many travel bloggers and other well-intentioned folks believe that their blogs command enough respect, to warrant being paid, to publish posts. Then, the blind lead the blind, offering the sponsored post advice, not realizing that, if you make enough money from your blog, monthly, to buy a Happy Meal, that you need to take it up 46 notches before someone would pay for your the privilege of posting on your blog.
During some lean months, Kelli and I stayed in absolute crap hostels in Laos. Yeah, some 3 years ago, paradise wasn’t paradise, lol! We paid about $3 a night to live in these places. We’ve also rented fully serviced villas for the month in Bali. The one spot in particular was……..more than $3 a night, for the entire month. It wasn’t cheap folks!  When bloggers with little experience or success expect to make money off of sponsored posts, it’d be like them owning the run down Laos hostel, and charging full-serviced, Bali villa rates. You’ll be laughed off of the stage. I also feel many bloggers are lazy, and don’t want to create their own product, or fear failure. I know I was a lazy sonofagun, and feared failing, before I took the product plunge.
You’re a prolific author and blogger with a new book on how anyone can write and publish an ebook. What is your top tip for those feeling overwhelmed ( yet intrigued) by the idea?
Ryan: Tie your motivating reason to freeing yourself, and your audience, to cut through the overwhelm. Works every time :) All people who fear, and OBEY their fear, are simply more in love with being comfortable more than they love being free. Me, and a bunch of guys and gals who do stuff that some may consider “cool” (like living in a beach front home in Fiji for 4 months etc.), well, we are more hungry to be free, than we fear doing uncomfortable stuff….at least most of the time, lol!
 Kindle vs selling a PDF directly off a blog or site. Which do you prefer and recommend?
Ryan: I’m still working that one out Elizabeth, ha! For now, I sell my Blogging from Paradise eBooks through Selz, on my site, and I also sell through Amazon too but off of my blog. I’m thinking through this strategy though because Amazon has SUCH a monstrous audience.
You can connect with Ryan on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest as well as on Blogging From Paradise.

Exploring Tofino

exploring tofino

After more or less 4 years living in beautiful, lush Thailand, we’ve decided our next area to explore ( and hopefully settle in!) will be Tofino, British Columbia.

The politics of immigration in the UK right now doesn’t look like it’s going to change in the near future, and because we are one of thousands of families dealing with the visa issues ( learn more about them here) , we’ve had to come up with a plan B as to where we should go.

And because both Billy and Kaya are Canadian, it makes sense for us to explore that part of North America, and also base our businesses there while exploring gorgeous British Columbia.

Where is Tofino? And why did we choose to go there?

Well first off nothing is set in stone. Tofino was one of many options that we researched and had the type of laid back vibe that’s similar to the one here in Thailand ( sabai sabai as they say). Second, countless people have recommended we investigate it, and after getting in touch with both the mayor ( who is amazing!) and community, it felt right.

Prices are more affordable than Vancouver and Victoria. There are also homeschoolers, and no super strict regulations on homeschooling either. So it has the community we are craving as well as the laid back, hippie friendly lifestyle.

Immigration may change one day in the UK, and at that point who knows. Maybe we will finally get to go back.

But until then I cannot wait to discover Tofino, and look forward to my Mother and Brother coming up for Christmas, as well as being closer to family in general. We also look forward to vacationing in other parts of Canada, and maybe  checking out niagara falls. 

Have you been to Tofino? Tell me about it in the comments below, I’d love to hear more about Vancouver Island in general!

photo: Dustin Scarpitti on Unsplash

Bright-Eyed and Blog-hearted

Bright-Eyed And Blog-hearted ( Lifestyle Design Series)

Bright-Eyed and Blog-hearted


Bright-Eyed And Blog-hearted

As part of our Lifestyle Design series, I am reviewing the wonderful blogging course & community Bright-Eyed and Blog-hearted. I originally posted this on my personal blog but because it’s such a valuable resource I wanted to share it here with you.

Blogging know-how rooted in real-life experience
Rachel’s background is in PR, working for 10 years in the corporate world. Her experience in digital communications is infused in Brigh-teyed and Blog-hearted, in every module.
She’s also a fully booked Life Coach and Blog Coach, working with women around the world. This means the course has lots of insight for entrepreneurs.
On top of that, she’s a pro blogger. She managed to quit her job and become a fulltime work from home Coach slash author slash in-demand speaker from her blog in almost record time. 
Insanely useful and actionable advice
When I signed up, I received access to preworksheets that made me rethink everything about what I write, why I write, who I write for, what my values are and how I can incorporate them into my site and social media. I wasn’t expecting nearly as much value as Bright-eyed and Blog-hearted delivered even before the course started. My mind was blown that early on, and that’s saying something as I have been a freelance writer and blogger for years. When the course dived in social media, I assumed I would know most of it as I have a consulting business that deal primarily with social media strategy, but I was wrong: Rachel goes into Facebook’s algorithm issues, when to post on where, and other in depth elements about social media that impressed me. She also makes great app suggestions.
The number one thing I got out of Bright-eyed and Blog-hearted was clarity, that feeling where you understand blogging and how it applies to you, and what you can do with it. How you can remain authentic and yourself while not comparing yourself to ‘big bloggers’.
Jam-packed with wisdom on transitioning from blog to biz
The blogger I recommend would be best suited for investing in Bright-eyed and Blog-hearted would be the one trying to transition to a business, or who wants to market their current business through their blog. In reality any blogger would benefit from the course, whether you have a ministry, nonprofit, or just want to reach a larger audience.
There are extra bonuses especially for coaches too, so if you happen to be a coach of any kind you will especially benefit.
Not being a fan of forums or groups, I didn’t plan on interacting much in the Facebook community, but after checking out the different dialogues going on in there plus the useful feedback I was soon asking questions and connecting with other bloggers across the world. It is by far the most supportive online group I’ve encountered.
Bright-Eyed and Bloghearted
Layout and Modules
Bright-eyed and Blog-hearted contains an array of PDFs, audio mp3 files, videos, transcripts, and templates plus custom spreadsheets. There are six modules plus the preworksheets and bonuses and the private facebook community.
Each module has a video, one or two audios, a typically large PDF to study ( gorgeouslydesigned I might add) plus worksheets based on the PDF, and for some spreadsheets to track your social media and networking endeavors.
Topics covered include:
Social Media Strategy
Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers
Creating an Infoproduct
Marketing Services On Your Blog ( coaching, consulting, etc)
Final thoughts: BE&BH is a big investment but extremely worthwhile for businesses looking to make blogging work for them, as well as bloggers looking to monetize their actions. I’m an affiliate of the course because I have personally found it highly actionable and filled with lovely, supportive bloggers who give constructive feedback and make me feel welcome.

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relaxing in Thailand

Relaxing While Traveling

relaxing in Thailand


I haven’t been shy on here about how stressful I find international travel, despite how frequently we fly. From excessive security ( pat downs, scanners, belt/shoes off, laptop out, no metal in pockets, take out your wallet, don’t carry liquids) to long flights or transfer after transfer, I absolutely understand why it stresses people out so much and even prevents some from traveling long distance. My brother for example loves visiting new places, but told me how totally knocked out he is after a long flight and jet lag can take him weeks to get his sleep schedule back to a normal hour.

One of the things I always suggest to friends looking to take a long journey is to plan ahead for jet lag. Take long relaxing baths with essential oils to help your body wind down after a few days on the road ( or in the sky). Doing yoga in your hotel room will aid circulation and help resolve any mental stress that could cause you to feel out of sorts.

My Mom flies from LA to China and then to Phuket every year. It’s about a 20 hour journey for her. Her way of relaxing while traveling and recouping once she arrives usually has to do with her sleeping as much as possible on the plane, and then taking the next few days as easy as possible. We pick her up from the airport at around 2AM and help her settle into her hotel room and don’t come over until at least a day or two as she likes to lounge around the pool with a glass of wine for the first few days before she plays with her Granddaughter for the next month.

Another way to relax as much as possible while traveling is to pack light. I can’t even tell you how much easier it is when you are only flying with a bag or two! It makes the world of difference, especially if you are traveling on trains or by bus. Our night train from Firenze to Munich was hectic, balancing a 3 year old and 4 extremely heavy bags that contained most of our belongings. It was necessary at the time but caused much unwanted stress, and when we again enjoy a night train ( we adore trains in this house!!) it will be with way fewer bags.

When flying, try to take only one carryon bag and one suitcase per person. I managed to do this even when we flew from LA to Korea when Kaya was only 15 months. We made sure we had all the baby essentials but didn’t go bonkers on toys and other things that would have made the journey harder than necessary. It worked out perfectly; she slept the entire flight while I watched movies.

Driving more than a few hours with kids goes smoothly ( or more smoothly rather) if you accept the fact that they may want to watch more movies than usual. The same goes for flying with young children: if they can’t sleep during say a 12 hour flight, don’t feel bad about letting them watch a few movies, or play with age appropriate apps. Our 13 hour flight from Phuket to Berlin was such a flight, as Kaya only slept a few hours during the long journey.

Despite how stressful traveling long distances can be, there are a number of ways to make it easier and not complicate things. Pack light, indulge in some me-time when you can, and relax as much as possible when you arrive at your destination.


Planning A Family Cruise


My husband and I spent our honeymoon on a 2 week cruise around Asia. It was his first time exploring the continent and we visited Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and South Korea together. From partaking in a tea ceremony in Busan to touring Nagasaki, our honeymoon was filled with memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Kaya has yet to go on a cruise but is eager to. Whenever we drive to Ranong and go to the Andaman, there is a small boat we take over to Myanmar. She’s been used to going on this boat every few months and views it as the highlight of the trip. I’m not sure when we will end up taking her on a longer nautical journey but when we do, we plan on researching to the best of our abilities what cruise will be the most family friendly yet offers the unique, off the beaten trail destinations we crave.


Planning Your Cruise

If your family is looking to book a cruise in the near future, start by checking out CruiseAbout These cruise specialists offer advice on their blog and even offer last minute specials for cruises around the world. You can check out their destination guide  for unique ideas as to where a cruise could take you ( I personally have always wanted to go to Antarctica, no joke).

Preparing For The Trip

Although my daughter is now 6, I am still used to making sure she has everything she could possibly need to stay entertained on long journeys. We’re planning an international move at some point and even though I’m dreading the long flight, I’ve done this so many times before that I know what works and what doesn’t. If you’re flying internationally to hop on your cruise, make sure to bring lots of sticker books and movies to entertain wee ones on the plane. Booking red eye flights has also been a winning strategy for us and Kaya has always slept on the flight.

In case you or any member of your family gets motion sickness, there are a number of homeopathic and natural remedies ( such as ginger) to help you as you acclimate. Eat frequently throughout the day. If any of you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, make sure to let your cruise advisor or travel agent know so they can confirm the ship can meet your requirements. We eat mostly vegetarian and had no problem with finding meat free options onboard.

Planning Day Trips

The highlight of the cruise was every time we booked a day trip or cultural excursion. Our tea ceremony in Busan for example was booked before we boarded the cruise. You can frequently check out what events are going on weeks before you board the ship and can even book that early, or you can wait until you are already on vacation to decide what your kids want to participate in.

Capturing Memories

Being a photographer, I’m a little bit mad at myself for not having invested in a better camera when we went on our honeymoon. The photos turned out fantastic, but now that I own a DSLR I would never take a point and shoot with me unless the cruise is super short or we’re headed to a rainy destination. Even then, I know how important it is to capture memories when I go on vacation with my family so next time around I will make sure to bring my Canon with me.

It’s important you find a camera that you enjoy using and that takes the best quality photos possible. An iphone can be great in a pinch ( and of course for Instagram!) but if you’re looking to step up your game I highly recommend investing in a DSLR, even if you shoot in auto.

All in all, cruises and families go well together. If you research and plan ahead of time, you’ll have a fantastic vacation with loads of photos to capture the memories you share with your little ones.

4 Things Your Kids Will Need In Their Summer Holiday Suitcase


4 Things Your Kids Will Need In Their Summer Holiday Suitcase 

Now that summer holiday season is fast approaching, there will be many things for you to get sorted. Not only do you need to book holiday transfers and get your travel money, but there are suitcases to pack too! As a parent, this means organising your own, as well as packing those of your kids – and let’s face it, they are likely to miss some essential items if left to their own devices! Of course, you may be prone to forgetting a few bits yourself if you leave everything until the last minute.


Therefore it makes sense to take plenty of time to get all your holiday jobs done, as it should allow you to do everything right the first time. Although it is always helpful to get a little assistance sometimes, so here is a little something from us… we have the lowdown on a few things your kids will need in their summer holiday suitcase, meaning that you can pack the essentials first!


Sun protection 

We are cheating a bit with the first item on the list, as there are quite a few things that can be classed as sun protection. However they’re all really important to keep kids safe and healthy, so it makes sense to group them together. You’ll definitely want to pack sun cream alongside with some protective sunglasses and a hat. There are other items you can buy such as cover-ups for the beach which can be ideal for the midday sunshine.



Next up is swimwear, as this is something your kids will use each and every day on a sunshine getaway. Whether they’re playing in the pool or by the sea, swimwear is essential to keep other items of clothes dry. Swimming costumes and shorts are made of a material that will dry very quickly, which is great for comfortable wearing, as well as when you rinse them out in the evening when playtime is over.


Flip flops

Another really handy addition to a holiday suitcase is flip flops. There are plenty of brands out there, but Havaianas are a favourite of many due to the design and quality of the product. Flip flops are a lightweight addition to a bag, meaning they can be brought along on carry-on only flights, as well as in beach bags when going down to the sea. They are also ideal for wearing by swimming pools where the ground is often slippery for bare feet.



Shorts are something that are really versatile for travellers of all ages, but they are even more perfect for kids. Many holiday resorts do not expect tourists to dress overly smart for dinner, meaning your kids can often stay in the same outfit both in the day and the evening. However a dirty top can be replaced if necessary and will likely still match the shorts they are already wearing, especially if they are denim.

traveling in Thailand

Exploring Thailand + Expat Diaries linkup

traveling in Thailand


Exploring Thailand via car, bus, or motorbike is an incredible experience. We haven’t had the pleasure of driving throughout Northern Thailand, but we’ve driven to Ranong through Phang Nga dozens of times, explored Krabi, and Billy has taken the bus to Bangkok ( a long drive) 5 times. From what we’ve experienced plus what our friends have told us, the best way to experience Thailand is on the road.

Most of the large roads are safe and well traversed by trucks and drivers, as well as tour fans. My neighbor regularly drives from Phuket to Bangkok to visit her family, bringing her 3 year old son along for the 12+ hour drive. There are plenty of roadside stops for coffee, lodging, and food along the way, whether you are going to Ao Nang or Ranong.

We hope to fly to Northern Thailand sometime before we leave, and may drive from Chiang Rai to Pai. It’s a twisty drive that is known to make people sick, but is apparently gorgeous and well worth doing.

Have you explored Thailand in a car, bike, or bus? Let us know in the comments about your experience. 

Now it’s time to link up your travel posts in Expat Diaries!