Family Photo Ideas: How To Display Your Pictures

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My husband and I realized that we were really, really lacking in family photos around the house. Sure, we have our wedding pics and a few from our honeymoon on the walls, but not many pictures of beautiful moments that we have experienced in the last few years. That is one of the main reasons I made our book, so I could have some darn family photos around, and not just in cyberspace!!!

I have begun plotting other ways to display all the pics we’ve taken, on our ipad and with our camera, and here are some neat ideas.



What cooler way to display your family’s images than on your fridge, which probably needs

a makeover anyway, right? Pinhole Press ( where the above photo is from) and Stickygram have

magnets that you can make from your instagram pictures or camera. I can’t wait to get some.


I think one of the best ways to display pictures with pride is to make a canvas

and hang it in the living room, for all your guests to see. CanvasPop will turn your Instagram pics

into high quality canvases.

paper coteriePosters

Sites such as Paper Coterie allow you to turn family photos into posters.

These would be great in a child’s room.

A Beautiful Mess came up with this GREAT idea of putting pictures into jar.

to give a 3d effect.


Pinhole Press

Our journal from Pinhole Press was beautiful, and is now officially the ONLY

book we have of family photos. Even our darn wedding album isn’t here.

Instagram book

blurb instagram bookBlurb lets you make these unique 7 by 7 books. I just ordered one and can’t wait to see it!!

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