Unjobbing: Spending More Time With Family, Less With Work

family time: how important is it to you?


I have spent the last year attempting to learn how to make the 4 Hour Work Week a reality, or at least how to get as close to it as possible. I have repeatedly asked friends of mine who are ‘successful’ at working online at making passive income or at least following their passion, and have read many books ( such as 100 Dollar Startup and Start A Freedom Business). I recently joined Digital Nomad Academy as well, to enhance my understanding of working online.

And it has made me quite frustrated, I must say. At the same time, it has motivated me.

See, the problem is that a lot of books talk about what types of jobs you could do as say a freelancer or as a digi nomad. They well spend a lot of time interviewing other people about their success and upselling their lifestyles ( ‘I travel around the world AND YOU CAN TOO’ kind of thing) that they don’t really cover the most important part, getting clients/making sales/finding readers.

Hmmm, why is that?

It has been so confusing. I was speaking with another blogger about how much time is required to being online in order to get readers. Having a great design is important, producing great content as well. But even if you master social media and have great content and design, it doesn’t mean you will have a lot of traffic or readers. It really doesn’t. I have seen very bad blogs that have articles that have been SEO optimized to the point of being completely undecipherable to a reader and made just to get ranked high in google.

See, the thing with whatever you do is can you make money doing it?

Tim Ferriss goes into this in 4 Hour Workweek. He asks can you get a friend buy your product, right then and there? They could say ‘yeah, I love your product!’ but then not buy it, when push comes to shove. To make money, you need them to actually want to buy it.

What I think, after my year of making money online and researching how to earn a full time income, is that you have to learn internet marketing first and foremost. I have actually found it challenging to find a quality marketing infoproduct. I bought one ebook on the subject, for 17 dollars, and it was the biggest waste of money I have ever, ever, ever spent. I signed up for two courses, one in blogging and another in marketing in general, both of which I found unhelpful.

I am enjoying the Digital Nomad Academy quite a bit but am new to it, so I can’t make any judgements yet. I do, however, absolutely recommend checking out Hack The System as well as Clay Collins and The Marketing Show. I am not an affiliate of any of those sites, I just happen to think they offer quality information over how to take your idea or product and market it online. I also like Think Traffic is good.

The key is to know what you want, then how to make a low effort income off of it. That is unjobbing to us.

It’s about freeing up time for family, so we can put that first.

I have had success with my blog, despite the fact I don’t devote as much time to it as other people do to theirs. I have a friend who has an MLM company and he works online, and he is extremely successful. So yes, it is possible to have a low maintenance income online or in your hometown. It again takes mastering the marketing to get you your prospects.



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