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The Cromarty Film Festival

Cromarty Film Festival

The Cromarty Film Festival

We pulled up to our new home in darkness, and I felt as though I would go into a coma. The fatigue we felt from the 13 hour journey from Phuket to Europe was a major shock to our systems, albeit a worthwhile one. After two additional flights, we arrived in Inverness, grabbed our bags and found a taxi.
The drive from Inverness to Cromarty seemed long but was in reality around half an hour. Kaya didn’t want to sit down or wear her seatbelt ( two years of living in Thailand will do that to you…) but she conceded.
We pulled up in front of our new home, 3 Marine Terrace, and our kind landlords emerged from the bright red door. We were told about the Cromarty Film festival and how we must head on over to have some mulled wine and watch a movie, as well as mingle with our new neighbors. I wanted to go but the fatigue overtook me. Now, I regret that decision as it turns out that the movie that was playing was The Woman In Black!! A great movie!!
Yesterday I bumped into someone working with the festival and picked up a schedule of the films being shown. Friends, if you are in the area you must comeΒ  as some of the movies are shown in the Screen Machine: a large truck that has a theater inside. I’m convinced it’s one of mankind’s greatest inventions!
The Cromarty Film Festival
Speaking at the festival this year is Carl Summersgill, who worked on the armour for Game of Thrones as well as John Carter From Mars. He will be introducing Wrath of the Titans. And this evening, for the finale, The Angels’ Share will be shown and introduced by Paul Laverty. Billy and I hope to attend at least one film or talk despite feeling tired!

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