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Wimdu review
Our journey from Phuket Thailand to Europe was long, to say the least. Although the nearly 13 hour flight from Phuket to Frankfurt with our 4 year old went smoothly ( in other words, it wasn’t a living nightmare), the stress of having to keep her occupied for that long had worn me out completely. It’s both physically and mentally taxing, although worth it. Frankfurt airport felt morose and sterile and after getting yelled at for taking a photo of a pretzel ( seriously!!) we were looking forward to heading over to Amsterdam, where we had booked an apartment via Wimdu.
When we took our last flight of the day from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, we absolutely couldn’t wait to check out our temporary abode. Despite my loving hotels, I’ve found through the years that it can be very challenging to stay at some when one has small children. Even if a hotel says it is ‘family friendly’ it doesn’t mean it truly is. Plus, checking in while entertaining a little one and trying to watch the bags and fumble in your pockets for your wallet, reservation printout, etc can be annoying to say the least.
Which is why I was ecstatic when I found out about Wimdu. I had looked for hotels in Amsterdam for about 10 minutes before realizing that it was going to be very expensive. I found Wimdu around the same time that I began my hotel quest and after a search on their site, I found a dozen relatively inexpensive, spacious and upscale looking apartments not far from the airport and close to public transportation. I was over the moon!

Wimdu reviewWimdu review
We finally made our choice and picked a large one bedroom apartment that was family friendly and offered airport pick up for a small fee. Perfect! We arranged pick up and drop off with our new ‘landlord’ and then looked forward to our stay.
After we picked up our bags, we were met by Jack who had a large sign with my name on it. He was incredibly friendly and helpful and led us to his car. He assisted us with everything, and once we arrived at the apartment, he gave us a brief tour.The bright and spacious apartment had a huge flat screen TV, a charming kitchen that was just begging for me to cook, a washing machine and drier, as well as a bedroom. There was an additional bed set up in the living room, next to the enormous patio door.
The owner had gone to the trouble of leaving us with some food, which included some of the best cheese Billy and I have ever had ( we agreed on that). I was worried that since we would be arriving late, perhaps no restaurants would be open, so this added touch to our stay really was helpful!
The next day, we wandered around the neighborhood, did some laundry and used the free wifi. It was fantastic to say the least and gave us all a chance to attempt to rest and relax. Jack returned in the late afternoon to pick us up and take us to yet another flight ( the final one thank goodness) and I was sad to be leaving. Our drive to the airport confirmed this, as we all stared at amazement at the architecture and scenery. I posted photos on Facebook and my friend Connie ( whose husband is from Holland) inquired about our stay.
When we said goodbye to Jack I was momentarily sad as we really enjoyed meeting him and would have loved to have taken him out for dinner and gotten to know him better. He and the apartment owner Agje had really made sure we had a good time and it left a lasting impression on us. I assured him we would absolutely be coming back!

You can check check out Wimdu on their Fanpage and on Pinterest to get the latest on deals and hot locations to check out!

5 thoughts on “Our apartment in Amsterdam

  1. Jennifer

    I’ve only heard good things about Wimdu. And yes — as a family travel blogger, I can attest to the great benefit of a full kitchen rather than a simple hotel-room-with-minifridge. 🙂

  2. Micki

    Oh, I love this! I spent a couple of weeks in Amsterdam as a student living on their great rye breads, the amazing cheeses, fruit and Grolsch beer (so much better in Holland than out of the country!)

    We love apartment rentals, and have had great luck with them. As a family with two little kids, it’s a lifesaver to be able to make our own meals (much cheaper, and no waiting for the food to arrive).

  3. 2 Digital Nomads

    I think we better add wimdo on our list! Nice post. Did they really yelled on you for pretzel photo?! Can’t wait t hear the story. I never enjoyed Frankfort airport, always boring!


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