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The Black Isle is calm, to sum it up in a word. Countless motorcycles, exotic scents, and foreign languages have been quickly replaced by absolute quiet and calm. The roaring heat and humidity were lost on our journey and now it’s cold 24/7 and the sun sets at around 3:30. It also refuses to rise until about 11AM. Not kidding.
Do we miss Thailand? Every day and we always will.
But we adore our little home in Cromarty. I think it’s the best home base for us ( although let’s just say Phuket Thailand was a close second). What we really, really, really wanted we have gotten, which was access to a homeschooling network, a welcoming and open minded community, and business opportunities, as well as a thriving arts scene. That last point was absolutely not found in Phuket, and you can ask any Phuketian that. If you want arts, you go to Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Not Phuket. Not Pattaya.
In almost every picture I take, we are the only ones in it, causing my mother to ask ‘Are you the only people there??’ No we aren’t. She then asks, since she knows me pretty well ‘ Well do you like it that quiet?’ For me that’s a complex question. Because I am someone who craves both the quiet, nature filled life as well as the fast paced city dwellers atmosphere. Hey, I’ve lived in LA for nearly 9 years and it tainted my small town perspective. I thrive when there is diversity.
But I’m also a writer and homeschooler, and for those two facets of my being, this life is where we thrive. I see Kaya skipping when we’re outside. No longer are there tons of giddy women flocking to the farang child and trying to pinch her cheeks ( which, she utterly despised…I thought it was cute lol). She feels calm and at the same time excited. And I love seeing her like that.
Billy is perhaps the most at home of all of us, which I find amusing. The Cromarty Cheese shop is run by a Dutch-British couple, the husband of whom is also a director. So if all goes well, Billy will take part in the play come April.
Inverness is the closest big city, and as you can guess fellow travelers, it’s nothing like Edinburgh. It has a very different vibe. It’s gorgeous of course. And it isn’t far, only about an hour by bus. Granted, bus fair is expensive.
We haven’t explored much at all, most of our days are spent inside our warm home which was one a large hemp factory. We love our fireplace, our kitchen, and the maritime feel of the whole town. It’s actually the most picturesque place I have ever been to in the UK.
Adventure loving Grandma Kelsey will be arriving at the end of the month, and we are going to do our best to convince her to stay. She hasn’t lived in the UK since she was 17, so it will be nice for her to move back to her home country. Although I must admit, my mom is more American now than I am ( if I hear about the Kardashians one more time…)

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