Why you should go on a family cruise

Why You Should Go on a Family Cruising Holiday

Why you should go on a family cruise

Don’t think for a second that cruise holidays are just for couples and older travellers. While a cruising holiday is perfect for both these groups, cruises are in fact one of the best ways for families to enjoy a holiday. If you’ve never been on a cruise, or are apprehensive about taking your children on one, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a few good reasons why a cruise should be your next family holiday.

It takes care of the travelling

Seeing multiple destinations is wonderful, but the logistics of corralling little ones across countries and on multiple flights can be overwhelming. That’s why taking a cruise is so good; it lets someone else sort out the transport! A cruise holiday by definition takes you to different locations, and you get to relax by the pool or unwind in the cabin while they do it. It’s like waking up in a new all-inclusive resort every day!

They are jam packed with activities for kids

Most cruises boast a wide array of kids’ clubs, children’s activities and even in-cabin babysitting services. There is sure to be a world of entertainment to excite and (tire out!) your little ones. From fun activities for the whole family, to ones just for the kids that let you enjoy a cocktail at the bar, there are endless possibilities for fun.


It lets you see different parts of the world with ease

While the Caribbean is the region many of us think about when we picture a quintessential cruise, there are in fact lots of options available. Take a cruise in the Mediterranean, sail the Black Sea, discover the Baltic, or even venture to the Arctic – it’s up to you!

You only have to unpack once

Taking a cruise lets you get comfortable. Your cabin will be your home for the duration, so you don’t need to worry about packing and repacking when you visit each stop on your itinery. Beyond a small day-bag you can leave everything you need in your cabin.

You’ll never get bored

Going on holiday is great, but after a week in the same location it is natural to get a little restless. This isn’t the case on a cruise, thanks to the fact that you’ll only spend a day or two at each stop-off. This keeps things interesting, and if you fall in love with a destination, you can always come back!

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One thought on “Why You Should Go on a Family Cruising Holiday

  1. Alyson

    Hello! We’ve ben on 3 cruises with the kids now. We loved the first 2, the 3rd one…ugg! I’d say pick your cruise line very carefully, the first 2 were with Norwegian and the kids had a blast, I was constantly dragging them out of the kids clubs, they were sensational as were the facilities.. I’m not the sort of parent to ditch my kids so I was kinda upset that the boys wanted to be there rather than with us but they made some great friends and we, with the parents, we’re still in touch. The third one, though billed as a “family cruise” was dire. Stuffed full of old people who really didn’t like children, no facilities for them beyond a baby paddling pool, play area and colouring sheets, it was horrible. The food was horrendous too. We actually left! But yes, a good cruise is a fabulous thing.
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