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We are experts in family travel in Europe and Asia, having lived in South Korea, Italy, and Thailand, as well as Scotland. A majority of our audience are families planning a vacation in the EU or Asia, or are yearning to live the expat life. Others are interested in global citizenship, lifestyle design, and the concept of ‘worldschooling’

Sattvic Family is in the top 100 out of 24,000 travel blogs on Bloglovin’. We are local experts on living in as well as visiting Phuket. We’ve written several popular travel guides as well as our book The World As a Classroom. In other words, this blog keep growing!

We have partnered with hotels,airlines, and travel companies around the world and look forward to working with you!

Sponsored Posts

We have helped travel companies, airlines, and hotels spread the word about their service or product by publishing a sponsored post on our site.

We offer discounts on multiple posts published with us.

Other ways to advertise with us include

  • Text Link Placement
  • Banner Ad Placement
  • Product Reviews

Press Trips

Let us help you spread the word about your hotel or destination and help you gain international exposure using our combined platforms. We have three blogs and a large social media following that we use for relevant promotion. Contact us for more info!

Public Speaking

We truly are world travel experts, especially with regards to family travel! As a child, I grew up in the Midwest, France, and Singapore. We are also both dual citizens. Why not have us speak at your event?

Speaking topics include:

  • International travel with children
  • Global Citizenship
  • Living in Tuscany
  • Travel in Asia
  • Thailand travel
  • Phuket
  • South Korean Travel
  • Being a ‘Third Culture Kid’
  • Wordschooling
  • Homeschooling
  • Attachment Parenting

Brand Promotion

Bradley Media is our social media marketing division. We’ve worked with companies across the board, big and small, and in various industries. If you’re interesting in having a solid social media strategy or need a freelance writer, visit the Hire Me page.




We have worked with brands in the US and abroad, including companies such as Glam Media, Boba Family, Bubble Bum, New England Herbal Academy, Tiny Revolutionary, Time4Learning, Wimdu, and many others. If you need a review for your product, service, or hotel please get in touch!

If you are a  Thailand based hotel, restaurant or spa and wish us to write a review on you, please let us know.

Feel free to contact us using the form below or by email.




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Featured in Real Family Travel Magazine

Interviewed in a 2 part series on Unity Family Matters

Cost of Living in Phuket contributor

Family travel columnist

Featured traveling family on Wandering Educators and family travel expert

Great Family EscapeInterviewed as part of The Sunday Family Travel Series on life in Phuket


Featured in the Families on the Move series

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