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Are you in need of an experienced writer and photojournalist with a proven track record to produce high-quality articles for your blog? If so, you’re in the right place!

My work has been featured on top sites such as Matador Network, Lonely Planet,  Wild Sister, Girl Gone International, and Wandering Educators  as well as in Real Family Travel Magazine.  I also work regularly as a freelance writer on corporate sites/blogs in various niches.

In addition to writing here on Sattvic Family, I’m the¬†founder of¬†Epic Wanderings¬†and the digital strategy site

In addition to working with newspapers, magazines, and an array of blogs, I also regularly work with hotels and travel companies who need assistance with promotion and social media consulting. See our advertising page for details!


Areas of Expertise

As a writer, I have written on numerous topics, from gaming to holistic living and health. Topics I write about on a regular basis include:

  • Travel¬†
  • Expat Lifestyle
  • International Living
  • Culinary Travel
  • Third Culture Kids
  • Gaming ( video game journalism)
  • Marketing¬†( blogging and social media)
  • Parenting
  • Copywriting
  • Holistic Health
  • Homeschooling


As a travel journalist, I use an array of multimedia formats to help convey a story or message.

Does your blog need video and photography in addition to written content? Let us know in the contact form below.

Social Media Consulting and Strategy

In addition to my career as a writer and photojournalist, I run the Social Media consulting company Bradley Media. Whenever I write for a client, I use my knowledge of social media promotion as well as my social media platform to promote my work. This means your blog gains exposure to my audience on various SM platforms.

We have worked with brands in the US and abroad, including companies such as Glam Media, Boba Family, Bubble Bum, New England Herbal Academy, Tiny Revolutionary, Time4Learning, Wimdu, and many others.



¬†‘I am so pleased to recommend Elizabeth, based on her impressive work at our travel site for global educators, WanderingEducators. She’s a writer and editor on our site, and has proved again and again that her articles are eminently readable, consistently interesting, and provide great resources for our readers. She’s an excellent writer, and her articles are well-read on our site. She has a unique eye for travel writing, and does not write run-of-the-mill travel articles; rather, she truly delves deep into a place makes you want to be there. ‘ Dr. Jessie Voigt



‘She is a hard worker and an eager writer. She strives to learn and has a wonderful personality. She is a family oriented person and a great friend to talk to. I endorse her whole heartedly.’ Andre Tipton, founder of Real Otaku Gamer


‘I hired Elizabeth to help market my children’s book which is forthcoming from Macmillan in April 2012. Her knowledge of the internet and savvy when it comes to generating publicity are truly amazing. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her.’

Award Winning Author James Mihaley




Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to facebook marketing. Her deep interest and keen insight into the world of facebook is top notch, and took my page from less than a hundred views to more than five hundred in just a couple weeks and without spending a dime on advertising. 
She has clear insight into the mind of the consumer and is an expert at aiding a small business owner in crafting effective messages that convert into sales.’ Makenna Johnston, ¬†Bliss Doula


‘As well as being the queen of Facebook marketing, Elizabeth is a very generous person. She was eager to give me practical suggestions for my Facebook campaigns, which have landed me more fans and valuable new clients. Work with her if you get the opportunity!’

André Gussekloo, SEO expert

‘Elizabeth offered excellent marketing advise for Pier 42 Resort and Spa in Phuket Thailand. I highly recommend her services.’

Steven Wainwright Managing Director at GS Enterprises

‘I asked Elizabeth to help me with my social media strategy. She has very insightful ideas on how to encourage fan base growth and increase public interest. Elizabeth provided the exact steps to move forward. She is very professional while being upbeat and positive. She obviously has in-depth knowledge of building strong social platforms as well as business and personal branding tactics. I would definitely go to her for advice again.’

Nathalie Bauer, Writer/Photographer

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