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  1. Erika Horvath

    thank you for this list! i have a 4 year old and am on the fence about homeschooling/unschooling. a hard commitment, but in my heart, i feel it’s right. i’ve connected with a couple bay area, california groups. one is secular and the other is not. it’s been harder for me…more than i ever imagined, as someone raised without religion , to have an open mind with the religious group. i am struggling with how much do i need to relate with these people? do we have to share all the same values or just some? can i form meaningful relationships with them when they believe in and participate in things that i am very uncomfortable with? and, on the flip side, i am drawn to them. i have always been curious and have taken on religious studies both in school and on my own. i yearn for more of a spiritual presence in my home and with my family. so, again, thank you for this list and sharing your experience. i will look for some of these books for sure!

    1. sattvicfamily

      Erika, thank you so much for writing me! I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL both on homeschooling feeling right and with you feeling pulled to the religious group. Some denominations are very respectful of people regardless of if you are the same religion. Others are very pushy. If they are respectful, then wonderful. If not, avoid them. I am not Christian, but I’m currently reading several Christian books and the authors all have such amazing perspectives about their religion, perspectives I have never heard before. They too make me feel uplifted and I am drawn to their work.
      If that group is not right for you, there are MANY homeschoolers and unschoolers on twitter. I have met hundreds!! Lots of support on there.

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