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Sattvic Family


Sattvic Family is about creating balance in our lives through living simply and valuing experiences over possessions. It’s about enjoying more time together with loved ones over working at a dead end job that makes you feel undervalued and drained of energy at the end of the day. It’s about exploring our world and enjoying the beauty around us.

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family travel

Living in Chiang Mai

A free guide to living in Chiang Mai

Unschooling in Chiang Mai

Christmas in Chiang Mai

Family Travel

Family Travel in Malaysia

Vacationing in Chiang Mai

Penang Trip

Living In Tuscany

Family Fun in Egypt

Being A Third Culture Kid

Tuscan Sun Festival

Black Isle Living

Squid, Dim sum, and other things my 4 Year old Eats

 Phuket Town

Life in Phuket, Thailand

Live in Phuket

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Retiring To Phuket

Rang Hill

Culinary Tour of Thailand

Roadtrip to the  Andaman Club

Panwa Phuket

Family LifeStyle Design

Amazing Biz and Life Academy review

Travel Blogging  

recommended resources, blogs, books, courses, tips, etc

Digital Nomad pinboard

The Heritage Bangkok

Worldschooling/Homeschooling/Global Citizenship

Our Worldschooling Journey 

The World As A Classroom

Global Citizenship

Unschooling Kindergarten 

Interview With Amy from Wordschooled Adventures

Unschooling In Asia: A Dad’s Perspecitve

Traveling Unschoolers


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