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Sattvic Family started out as a personal journey of our family seeking home while exploring the world, but it became something more. We are so grateful to all of the people we have met upon starting this blog, and appreciate the wonderful opportunities we have had to be featured in epic travel magazines and websites, as well as radio programs!

Ā If you would like to feature us on your site, feel free toĀ Feel free to email us at sattvicfamily at or to my business email at

Lonely Planet Pathfinder blogger

girl gone international


CGI award for imparting valuable advice


girl gone international


Featured in Issue 4 of Girl Gone International


Parent Tribe


Featured cover story in Parent Tribe magazine, an international publication for holistic families.

Wild Sister Magazine

Guest writer in the Wanderlust edition of Wild Sister Magazine, out now!

Number 1Ā onĀ Christina Pinkletonā€˜sĀ 15 Unschooling and Interest Led Families You Should Get To Know


Featured in Real Family Travel Magazine

Interviewed in a 2 part series onĀ Unity Family Matters

Cost of Living in Phuket contributor

Family travel columnist

FeaturedĀ traveling family on Wandering Educators andĀ family travel expert

Great Family EscapeInterviewed as part of The Sunday Family Travel Series on life in Phuket


Featured in theĀ Families on the MoveĀ series

travel tuesday


Feature on Travel Tuesday


boba family

Featured on the Boba Family blog’s Traveling Family Spotlight

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