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family travel product reviews

Looking to have your travel product featured on our site and to our audience on social media?

We’ve collaborated with travel & lifestyle brands both here on Sattvic Family and on Epic Wanderings, my culinary travel site.

Our readers are travel loving families in the North America, the UK, and Australia who travel both locally and internationally, and that are passionate about education and creativity, as well as spending time together as a family.

Products that are a good fit for our audience and brand:

+ Luggage/travel bags

+ Cameras

+ Travel-themed books

+ Holistic skincare products that are travel sized or easy to pack ( in checked bags)

+ Travel journals

+ Travel and educational products for kids

+ Homeschooling supplies

+ Language learning apps 

+ Computers and electronic devices ( such as hard drives)

If you’re interested, feel free to email me at sattvicfamily at to find out about collaborating with us! Please note we are based in Thailand, not North America.