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traveling with kids in Thailand

Traveling In Thailand With Kids

traveling with kids in Thailand

Thinking about traveling in Thailand with the kids?

Out of all the places I’ve visited or lived in, I think Thailand is absolutely one of the most kid-friendly places.


More and more Thai families are flying within Thailand, which has prompted airlines to make flying easier for kids.  Nok Air has a playroom in the gate area at Don Muang airport, which my daughter loves to play in.

Perhaps the best thing about traveling with kids in Thailand is just how friendly the staff are, at most airports, hotels, and even customs. Yes, I find the customs people to be the friendliest here than anywhere else I’ve visited!

In fact, Kaya used to be let behind the customs area whenever we went to the Andaman Club in Myanmar, across from Ranong. We would take a boat to Myanmar, and the waiting area before boarding was open and she had fun looking out at the Andaman.

My husband frequently takes the train down to Bangkok from Chiang Mai, and usually sees families eating in the dining car. Because there are several different types of seats you can purchase ( different classes), you can find something appropriate for kids of all ages, including your own private seating area where the seats turn into beds.

Roadtripping through Thailand with kids is also very doable. We’ve done many long drives with Kaya, including the regular 4 hour drive to Ranong from Phuket. At one point, we were driving there every 15 days! And now that we live in Chiang Mai, we’ve begun exploring Northern Thailand by car, and took a trip to Chiang Rai recently.

Because of how beautiful the country is and the many roadside restaurants, cafes, 7/11s, and attractions, it’s extremely easy to drive here with kids. Plus, it’s safe.

Eating Out

Unlike in certain parts of Europe, children are very welcome at restaurants, even if they are ‘hi-so’ upscale ones. And more and more restaurants are understanding that having a play area for kids ( like what DaVinci has done in Phuket) is the way to attract more families, and help give parents time to eat.

Speaking of giving parent’s time to eat, one of our friends said that she loved how her favorite local restaurant would watch her young son while she finished her meal. They would play with him or give him a tour of the kitchen while she had a much needed break. This is perhaps one of the things that lead us to move back to Thailand when Kaya was 2 years old: there is a kid-friendly atmosphere here unlike anywhere else.

Older kids will probably love eating at food stalls on the side of the road. Our daughter isn’t a huge fan of eating outside when it’s hot out, but she does well at some of the covered markets that have food courts. Most malls have an array of cuisines to choose from, with restaurants and food courts that offer dishes for all price ranges.

Kid-Friendly Activities

Thailand has loads of kid-friendly activities for families. Here in Chiang Mai, you can find everything from cooking classes to outdoor activities and indoor play areas ( see here for a full list of activities in Chiang Mai).

Most malls ( such as Central and Maya) have movie theaters showing films in English, or with English subtitles.

All in all, Thailand is a wonderful place for families to visit. Whether you go to the North or South ( or anywhere in between) you’ll find loads of friendly people and places that the kids will love to visit.


Return to the Andaman Club











So, we did our second visa trip, and went back to the Andaman Club. I was not happy about having to do the near 5 hour drive again,  in the backseat with our toddler- but then I started getting excited. It was such a beautiful drive when we went, and it should us more of Thailand. Plus, the hotel was really nice and inexpensive.

What we decided to do was to break the trip up. We left early in the morning ( hoped Kaya would have slept for most of the drive, but of course…she didn’t) and then got to Ranong in 4 hours. We had some coffee at a very cute cafe that wasn’t far from the pier.

My anxiety kicked in at the customs area, as normally customs and a toddler don’t mix. But this time, it went incredibly well. As Billy filled in the paperwork, Ky worked the customs counter, helped clean the bathrooms ( which were already cleaned), drank cup after cup of water from the water cooler ( it amazed her), all the while mom followed.







So then when we left customs, we moved to the waiting area for the boat. You could tell at that point you were going to a resort ( there was a TV, a snack bar, etc). We waited for Papa to get the bags by Kaya looking through her satchel.

When we got to the Andaman Club, we went through customs quickly, took the bus over to the hotel and checked in. Sadly, it was raining and thus Ky didn’t get her swim time ( to her dismay). We also found out that the kids room is not free ( despite the fact that it was empty and we were going to go in with her, and no sign mentioned that). Nonetheless, our stay was nice.The hotel is very morose. Several of the staff ( when we have gone) seem either bored or act curt, save the restaurant staff and the customer service. The restaurant had wonderful food, and is the highlight of the resort island. Although it is small, the food is excellent.I highly recommend the fish congee and the spicy prawn salad with pomelo.

I’m not sure if we’ll need to do a visa run again, as Billy will be teaching a few classes at the University here in Phuket, but I do hope we go back. It is around 60 USD a night, and compared to hopping on a flight and staying overnight in say Singapore, it is a much cheaper option.

I have however enjoyed each trip we made to the Andaman Club and hope one day we will go back.

Check out our flickr account for photos from the trip!